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Re: checking out a file (not a module)

From: ari gold
Subject: Re: checking out a file (not a module)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 10:59:38 -0500

thanks to all who helped on this one...

the best solution i found was 'cvs update -d <filename>'.. that did the
trick..makes sense, i guess.

doing anything like 'cvs co <absoulte_path>/<filename>' didnt do the trick..
for some reason it kept creating new directories.. here's a last example of
what im talking about:

i have a project in my reposity: foo
i have a module in my project: bar
my file is called: main.c

lets say, in my home directory, not the repository, i am in foo/bar.. for
some reason, there is no main.c (this is a way we shall be implementing
things over here...)

if i run 'cvs co foo/bar/main.c' then a new directory 'bar' will be created
within 'bar' and the file will be placed there.. rather messy no?  maybe im
just not grokking something..

all the best folks.. youz the tops

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