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Re: Missing Directory in CVS update

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Missing Directory in CVS update
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 11:52:37 -0500

Howard Zhou wrote:

> When I ran a cvs updte, I got the following directory is missing.:
> cvs update: Updating <path>/flowstage
> cvs [update aborted]: cannot open directory $CVSROOT/<path>/flowstage
> I checked flowstoage doesn't exist in the $CVSROT directory. How does cvs
> update know about this directory? How do I clean up this status? It seems to
> be that cvs remembers the obsolete directory. Should I just run "cvs remove"
> on this obsolete directory? Please help. Thanks.

Sounds like someone did a 'rm -rf flowstage' in the repository.  You shouldn't
do that if you can avoid it.  Now your working directory remembers that
flowstage exists and can't find enough history in the repo to know it's okay to
remove it locally.  You can fix it locally by deleting flowstage and removing
it from the CVS/Entries file, but make sure you _REALLY_ didn't want the data
there, because unless you have more copies lying around somewhere, it's really
gone for good.

No warranties and all that.


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