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Re: history of the tags (was: hitory of the tags)

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: history of the tags (was: hitory of the tags)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 17:24:57 -0500

Donald Sharp wrote:

> Here's a first crack at it.  Probably still needs some work, but wanted
> to get some feedback ;)  It's attached to the end of this email...

That's not a complete fix.  Here's what I noticed:

1)  There's no filename or directory saved to the history log, leaving the
user with no idea which files were tagged.  You need to list both filename
and directory since, unlike rtag, tag can specify individual files, each
tagged file must be listed in the history separately, like a commit history
entry.  Note that this will require a new record type.

2)  'A' is not really appropriate in lieu of a revision number or symbolic
"base" tag.  A user would have to run a second command to find which revision
number the tag was attached to.  This information should be added for the tag
delete log too since the user would not have to trace back through the log to
find what the last tag op to that file was to know where the delete happened
- information which might not be available if the history log was ever reset
and which would be hard to calculate based on the current rtag logs.  I would
advocate that the symtag should be listed if in the original tag command, but
whatever the final affected numerical tag is should be listed too.  If the
tag was a move that should probably be listed too, perhaps as a "delete" then
a "tag", but a single entry might be more succinct and there should still be
plenty of namespace, especially if you make "delete", "add", and "move" sub
record types of "tag".  I'm thinking it might be appropriate to alter rtag to
use the new log format as well.

3)  Don't forget that a final patch submission should contain a ChangeLog
entry and any necessary doc changes, but I'm sure I didn't need to remind you
about that.  :)


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