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Re: cvs checkout

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: cvs checkout
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 17:49:18 -0500

Jerry Nairn wrote:

> Of course, rearranging the contents of the repository, as Derek suggested,
> makes it even more difficult to get back to something you had in the past.
> I agree that there is reason to be reluctant to arbitrarily change the
> modules file. However, the modules file is versioned, but the layout of the
> repository is not. There is greater reason to avoid moving things around in
> the repository.

True.  I probably should have been more specific, but I was figuring that a
rearranged repository could require a new toplevel project name while saving
existing tags and excluding unwanted directories as desired.  If done with an
eye to the future, you might even be able to avoid rearranging things again in
the future.  Here's the kind of thing I had in mind:




or even:


which leaves things open to the addition of new teams later.  Things may have
to be handled a little differently if a project needs to be split later of

If it is made certain that noone has workspaces checked out when this happens,
the old modules could be preserved.  Hmm...  no, I guess they wouldn't be, if,
say, makefiles broke.

Maybe careful use of the modules file is your best bet, but you could 'cvs
add' or even copy files into new locations and preserve the old structure
while creating an easier to use structure as well, albeit missing some log
entries or perhaps having old checkouts which were broken.


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