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CVS /WinCVS Timestamp Problem

From: kwalker
Subject: CVS /WinCVS Timestamp Problem
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 02:33:44 -0000
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I am seeing a timestamp problem when using cvs from the command-line 
on a linux system mixed with WinCVS on NT as the client.  If anyone 
has seen the same type of problem, please let me know.  

1)  I did a checkout into a new directory, opened WinCVS to browse 
the directory and WinCVS thinks most of the files have been modified.
When I check the status from the command-line, cvs does not think the 
files are modified.

2)  When I do the same checkout from within WinCVS, everything is 

Kathy Walker

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