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Question about pserver on SunOS

From: Steve Dondershine
Subject: Question about pserver on SunOS
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 11:43:02 -0800

We have been using a pserver implementation
for a while at my company.  On an HPUX-10 server
the following seem to work fine.

cvspserver      2401/tcp    # in the /etc/service file

cvspserver  stream  tcp  nowait  root  
/usr/local/bin/cvs cvs --allow-root=/usr/cvsroot pserver   
# in the inetd.conf file.

We have migrated to SunOS 5.7

And these commands no longer work.  cvs interaction yields
a message that the option --allow-root..... is an 
unrecognized option.

Removing the option and things seem to somewhat work
but some files fail checkout while others are properly
treated.  Also the cvs init command does not work.

Both systems are using cvs 1.10

I hope that this is the proper place to send such 
Thanks for any help,


Steve Dondershine
Design Engineer
TI/SPG Tustin
address@hidden   :   (714)  573-6933    

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