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Re: merge/diff GUI tool

From: David Martin
Subject: Re: merge/diff GUI tool
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 15:12:25 -0600

Howard Zhou wrote:

> Hi, CVS Users,
> I am wondering if there is any GUI based diff/merge tool in the public
> domain, which can work with CVS?

Not quite responsive (since it's not in the public domain), but it is free
- Starteam's visual difference / merge tool VISDIFF:

The only thing it will cost you is time to register for download and time
to field/screen follow-up call(s) from a Starteam salesperson.

I've found it to be very good for differencing - it provides 3 different
views you can switch among - side-by-side, unified, and upper/lower, and
it works well when accessed from WinCVS.  It also shows differences in
end-of-line characters between files (as a rectangle at the EOL), which
can be handy especially in mixed Unix/NT environments.


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