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Re: RCVS patches

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: Re: RCVS patches
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 10:11:14 -0500

address@hidden on 2000.11.30 05:51:07


>Looking for a reserved edit feature in
>CVS, I found the RCVS project and the
>patches to CVS which seems to do exaclty
>what I want.
>As you seem to be the person who make
>these patches available, I'm sending
>you an email, hoping not to bother you
>too much :)

Not a problem.  I'm very proud of these patches (although I have to admit much
of the work was consolidating the many implimentations that were already out
there) and I promote them as much as possible.

>I have a few questions about RCVS :
>- Does the CVS people plans on merging your
>    patches in some way ? ( you mention on
>    the info-cvs list an "EditCheck" in
>    cvs config file, which is in my opinion
>    a nice solution).

You'll have to ask the CVS people about this.  I think RCVS came to be due to
the stagnation of CVS development -- RCVS was spawned off of cvs-1.10.8.
cvs-1.11 was a release mostly to up the minor revision number.  Now that
cvs-1.11 is out, hopefully, they'll start working on getting the edit-related
patches in.  IIRC, EditCheck was a convenience configuration option so that each
developer didn't have to put "edit -c" in their .cvsrc files.  IMHO, "cvs edit
-f" should still override the EditCheck setting.

>- Is their a big patch somewhere that
>    merge all the patches available from
>    sourceforge ?

I have no idea.  If you're starting with cvs-1.10.8 code, you should be able to
use patch (man patch for more info) to apply the numerous patches (you could
probably create a script to loop through each of the patches to ease the pain).

I can't see an easy way to install the patches if you're not working with
cvs-1.10.8 code.  You can start with cvs-1.10.8 code, apply the patches, then
merge that with the latest CVS release (by using CVS itself or diff3).  Sorry I
can't help more than this.

>Thanks a lot,

De nada.


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