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Standalone CVS pserver

From: Darren Young
Subject: Standalone CVS pserver
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 16:22:26 -0000
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I read a thread from last year that mentioned the same type of issue 
I am looking to resolve, although I did not find any appropriate 
answers. I am looking to set up a cvs pserver, however it will be 
located on my hosting provider's machine. I have shell access and 
have compiled/installed 1.11 with --prefix=$HOME. Now, what I would 
like to do is something like this:

   $HOME/bin/cvs --allow-root=$HOME/cvsroot -T$HOME/tmp -f pserver &

It seems to start fine, although if I touch my keyboard it stops. In 
a second shell session, netstat -na | grep 2401 doesn't show me 
listening() either.?

Also, I'd like to change the default port from 2401 to something 
else, from what I have seen I need to modify CVS_AUTH_PORT in 
client.h and recompile, correct? It seems as though there is no way 
to set this at run-time.

Has anyone successfully done this, if so, what details am I missing? 
By the way, the machine that I am running this on is a RedHat 

Thanks in advance, 

Darren Young

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