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RE: CVS Projects

From: Brian Sequeira
Subject: RE: CVS Projects
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001 15:41:24 -0800

Brian Sequeira wrote:

>> Hello,I am a newbie on this list and also with CVS and GNU
>> Makefiles. I have a few questions and any help would be greatly
>> appreciated:We have no CM tool in place for anything besides code(CVS
>> and GNU Makefiles) . What do we use for Non-CI's like documenting bug
>> fixes, patch releases(release notes), any reports, documentations, and
>> for change management processing.

>GNATS & Bugzilla are popular bug tracking tools.  I just heard a mention
>of Keystone recently.  Personally, I'd try a net search.  Maybe search
>the archives of the gnats and bugzilla email lists for relevant

Thanks Derek for your response. We do use Bugzilla here for our bug tracking
and version/patch release defects. But we do not have any central repository
for any reports, documentations, and for change management processing. I
guess we could use an intranet, but I would like to track documentations,
reports etc for each version of the software released rather than having one
generic document for each release that gets updated. Should I be looking
into PVCS Tracker? Do they have such functionality? Can they integrate with


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