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Re: pserver question

From: Peter Ajamian
Subject: Re: pserver question
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2001 01:58:19 -0800

Jari Aalto+usenet wrote:
> * Thu 2001-03-01 address@hidden (Peter Ajamian)
> * 
> | Ceartainly that will encrypt the password for you, but the cvspwd
> | utility I created will fully manage the passwd and readers files for
> | you, allowing you to add and remove users, set them to read-only status,
> | change thier system username, temporarily lock users, as well as
> | allowing you to change thier password and allowing users with shell
> | access to change thier own password.
> Who wrote this utility?`It doe snot come with man pages or the
> standard --help switch.

I wrote it.  I can ceartainly add a --help switch, it would give the
same screen as typing cvspwd with no args currently gives.  If you want
a man page you're more than welcome to throw one together and send it to

Regards, Peter

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