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Unusual error message

From: Trent Eggleston
Subject: Unusual error message
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 13:30:58 -0800


Someone in our organization used "cvs commit" to commit several
files.  However, so far as I can tell, the files were not updated.  The
history files indicate that the files were checked in, though.

Now, whenever anyone trys to commit any file, error messages
are printed for each and every one of the aforementioned files:
    cvs update: move away Makefile; it is in the way
    cvs update: move away .....
I cannot determine what this message means.  However, the
master source directory contains CVS/Entries which contains
no mention of the aforementioned files.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.


Trent Eggleston                         (925) 449-2500 x 245
Livermore Software Tech. Corp.          address@hidden
7374 Las Positas Road
Livermore, CA  94550
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