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(newbieish) import is acting funny (at least to me)

From: Chris
Subject: (newbieish) import is acting funny (at least to me)
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 01:46:22 -0600


I've written a PHP script to attempt to create a module. Basically, it creates a dir, cd's into it, calls import, then removes the dir. The actual command looks like this:

cvs -d /usr/home/chris/cvsroot import -m '' modulename arg1 arg2

This is the actual command string that's executed - I have PHP dump it to the screen right before it executes it. I also dump the response, which is

No conflicts created by this import

That should be good news, except that the module isn't created! I can't check it out, and there's nothing in $CVSROOT - it's simply not there. When I cut-n-paste the command to the console and enter it, the module does in fact get created.

The only thing I can think of is that on the console I'm logged in as chris, but my Web server is a different user of course, so it's a user issue. However, I have other simple scripts to create a project, that basically work the same way, and they've succeeded.

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot,

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