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Re: winCVS -> UNIX CVS

From: Alexandre Parenteau
Subject: Re: winCVS -> UNIX CVS
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 11:39:50 -0700


> I have a question regarding the compatibility of the  windows version of
> and a UNIX CVS repository.

On NT, is you cvs server using cvsnt or cygwin-cvs or cvshome-cvs ?

By "import" I assume you mean "copy". Cvs Importing is quite different.

Anyway, all of them use the RCS format so you should be OK. Check the line
feed of the RCS files in the repository, if they are Unix like (LF, not
DOS's CR/LF), you should be OK.


> Can I run a Windows NT version of CVS and then some time down the line
> import the repository into a UNIX version of CVS?
> Thanks,
> Dennis Doussan
> Synergistic FrameWorks, Inc.
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