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Re: 'Re-naming' an existing tag?

From: Trott, David
Subject: Re: 'Re-naming' an existing tag?
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 18:42:59 -0800

Jim Stoll Wrote:
> Section 4.7 of the CVS docs explains that the command:
> cvs rtag -r old_tag new_tag module_name
> will look for all occurences of the tag 'old_tag' in the named module and
> add a tag named 'new_tag' to the each file revision that is tagged w/
> 'old_tag'. Then, if the old_tag needs to be removed, it may be done so via
> the command:
> cvs rtag -d old_tag module_name

I believe this will only work for conventional tags if you wish to rename a branch tag you may want to look at

cvs admin -n

However I am not totally comfortable with the intricacies of how additions and deletions will effect the use of this command when you have multiple branches.


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