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DOS EOL pollution in repository

From: Russ Tremain
Subject: DOS EOL pollution in repository
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 13:15:30 -0800

Hello -

We are getting ^M's in our repository now and then, and
wondered how other folks deal with this problem.

One source of the problem is folks editing files on NT,
and then copying them to unix to commit them.

Another source seems to be from cygwin, which gives you
the choice of keeping NT files in DOS format or unix format.
So some folks seem to be checking out files in unix format,
editing them in some editor that converts them to DOS format,
and then integrating them, polluting the RCS files
with the DOS EOL conventions.

When other folks update on NT, they then get a merge conflict for the
whole file, even if they have not modified it.

Suggestions?  Remedies?  I'm tempted to put in a commit
filter that rejects text files with DOS EOL's.


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