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help with RedHat 7.0 and cvs

From: Maribel Garcia Arenas
Subject: help with RedHat 7.0 and cvs
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 17:18:50 +0100

I'm trying install pserver to access from a remote computer to my CVS,
but with password

I have RedHat 7.0 in my computer and it uses the file xinetd

xinetd file contain an include of the xinetd.d folder and this folder
contain a file called

cvspserver file stores:

service cvspserver
  socket_type         = stream
 protocol            = tcp
 wait                = nowait
 user                = root
 passenv             = /usr/bin/cvs
 server              = /home/cvs/CVSROOT
 server_args         = --allow-root=/home/cvs/CVSROOT pserver

and the /etc/service stores

cvspserver 2401/tcp   # CVS client/server operations
cvspserver 2401/udp   # CVS client/server operations

In other hand, my hosts.allow store a line to access in remote mode like


to allow that computer acceds to my computer by rsh.

But when I try connect in remote mode with the next expresion...

%%%%  cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/home/cvs  login

I introduce my password and the request of geneura is

cvs [login aborted]: recv() from server Connection reset
by peer

Please, could somebody suggest some solution please.

Of course, CVS store users and passwords and it runs before, but not
now, so I think that
file and passwords files are OK.

Thanks in advance


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