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RE: WinCVS incorrectly showing locally modified files

From: Russ Tremain
Subject: RE: WinCVS incorrectly showing locally modified files
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 12:22:24 -0800

At 11:34 AM -0800 3/8/01, address@hidden wrote:
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>> One thing that will cause this is if you have users that
>> commit files with DOS EOL characters.  I believe the sequence is this:
>> 1.  in wincvs or upon cygwin installation, select the option to
>>     preserve unix EOL conventions.
>I have this set for both cygwin and WinCVS. My interpretation of this 
>is that when a file gets checked out, it will get checked out without 
>the ^M's. Is this correct?

yes.  basically, CVS will leave the files alone.  Normally, it will
convert text files to "native" format.

>> 2.  edit the file using a DOS editor that bullies the file into
>>     DOS EOL conventions.
>It is true that you could use a text editor that re-inserts the ^Ms, 
>but when you commit the file to a server running on a remote unix host, 
>won't the ^M's be removed, that is, unless the file was checked in this 
>the binary option.

I think this depends on your settings in step #1.  If you selected
this option, I don't think cvs will do the conversion.  It expects
that you are keeping all files in unix format.

>> 3.  commit the file.
>> 4.  the file is now in the repository with ^M's
>> 5.  user2 does an update, with the same wincvs setup.
>> 6.  user2 sees a merge conflict, with the contents of the
>>     entire file.
>An interesting note is that I wasn't seeing this problem until after I 
>upgraded to WinCVS 1.2. Unfortunately, I can't see for sure that this 
>is the cause of the problem because at around the same time, I also 
>deleted and freshly installed cygwin.
>I'm not sure that I mentioned this. When I invoke "cvs update" from the 
>command line, no files are listed as locally modified.

well, this may be a different problem.  We are seeing this also.
I was describing the merge conflict problem we are seeing.

Wonder if cygwin is doing a translation post-wincvs, so that
cvs thinks the files have been modified?

I guess the thing to do is to check to see if the files
that are showing up as modified have ^M's in the repository.
Perhaps this is unrelated to the ^M problem.

>Another thing. If, from WinCVS, I update any of these files that are 
>being incorrectly identified as modifed, the problem goes away, i.e. 
>the file appears as up-to-date. If I look in the WinCVS log window, 
>nothing got updated.
>I'm still needing help. Thanks

you and me both...


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