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Re: cvs update: move away xyz; it is in the way

From: Chad Loder
Subject: Re: cvs update: move away xyz; it is in the way
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 13:29:56 -0800


This is not the case. Yesterday, I blew away my sandbox (including all
the CVS/ subdirectories) and did a fresh cvs update. Today, having not
touched any of the source files, I do an update and get the messages
I described.

Now, changes maybe HAVE been made to the repository by other
developers since yesterday's "clean" update, but not by me.

Would it be worth trying to correlate these possible repository
changes with what I'm seeing? I'd have to hunt down the logs on the


At 02:44 PM 3/9/2001 -0600, you wrote:
In our case this happened when we tried to check out a file that existed
in the developers staging area but didn't have anything in the Entries
file associated with it.  This could be happening because a file was
copied manually into the area and then you tried to update it?  In this
case I would suggest you get the file out using CVS so there is an
Entries associated with it then do the copy and update.


Chad Loder wrote:

> Hello. I'm getting inexplicable messages when updating
> my CVS sources:
> cvs update: move away foo.c; it is in the way
> where foo.c is a file that's still in the archive,
> whose sandbox version is up-to-date w.r.t. the repository
> version, and so on...I've never touched the thing.
> I saw some posts in the mail archives about this sort
> of thing, with some responses giving implausible
> explanations. :)
> What should I be looking at, if I really want to know
> what's causing this and how to stop it.
> Thanks,
>         Chad Loder
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