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Repository recovery and archiving

From: Jesus M. Salvo Jr.
Subject: Repository recovery and archiving
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 04:27:43 +0000

I am thinking of using CVS as a repository for an internal process for a
client. The files are a combination of text and binary files. 

However, they are under a penalty clause such that if they dont deliver
the data within the specified time in each day, they get penalised.
Therefore, restoring a CVS repository from yesterday's backup when
something went wrong at 1:00pm is the last option. ( Yes, they can
probably have some HA architecture in place, but they dont and is
probably out of reach for them ).

So I was wondering if there are documentation / tools for backup and
recovery of CVS repositories. Meaning, I would like to recover from the
CVS repositories' consistent state at least an hour ago.

For achiving, some of the files that are about 1 year old need not be in
the CVS repository, so there must be some option to archive ( place on
separate storage apart from the actual CVS repository ) those files.

Has anyone done these?
Are these possible?

The more I think of it, it seems that I need some of the features of a
database but specifically for dealing with files. That is probably my
second option if I cannot address these issues to the client.



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