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Re: Synchronize two CVS Server !

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Synchronize two CVS Server !
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 10:57:42 -0800

Hi Peter,

There are indeed ways to have two separate development branches share
the same repository and keep them in sync, but it is not a trivial
thing to undertake to do.

First, go and pull down a copy of cvsup

On your master repository, create a working branch for each of the
laptop users. Now use cvsup to get a copy of the repository from the
master machine to the laptop. The laptop user should use only her
branch for work and when she arrives back at the home office, do
another cvsup in the other direction to move her new branch changes
into the main repository.

After you have read the FAQ and made a few dry runs of cvsup in both
directions, you may consider having each laptop owner do separate
development and hope that you can sync their development branches into
a useful condition on your main branch at some future date.

Another approach would say that you don't really care about the
intermediate commits and so you could just do a cvs checkout of the
sources onto the travel laptop and create and use a local repository
based on an import of those sources. When the laptop arrives back, the
user does a cvs export of the top-of-tree and copies the exported tree
back on top of a copy of the original checked out repository used to
seed the machine in the beginning, verifies everything and then does
an update, compile and commit just as if all the travel work was done
in a tree that had not been run through a 'cvs update' in a long time.

        Good luck,
        -- Mark

> From: Peter Biechele <address@hidden>
> Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 11:43:16 +0100
> We need a solution for the following problem with CVS (it is not a
> problem of CVS of course, but of our knowledge about CVS internals
> !):
> Our repository is located on a desktop in the office.
> We have two laptops, which we use also for development. Now we want
> to travel with the laptops and work on the project, which is under
> CVS Control. But both of us want to use version control and avoid
> producing conflicts, when we are on the road. Because we do not have
> access tro the repository for about 5 days, we cannot checkin/out
> with it.
> Is it possible to copy a repository to one of the laptops, connect
> the 2 laptops to get a small network and do the version control on
> the two laptops until we return to the office. Then we want to
> Synchronize the two repositories (the one on one of the laptops and
> the one on the dektop office system.).  Is this possible ??  Does
> someone have a better solution ???
> Thank you very much !
> Peter Biechele
> -- 
> #####################################################
> Dr. Peter Biechele, E-Mail: address@hidden
> beXtec GmbH, Kaiserstuhlstr. 3, 79312 Emmendingen
> Tel.: +49 7641 920869 41, Fax: +49 7641 920869 49

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