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jCVS Authenication problem

From: McCaughey, Steve
Subject: jCVS Authenication problem
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 11:47:09 -0800

I am using jCVS (5.2.2) on a WinNT 4  SP6 platform.

CVS (1.10.8) is running on a Linux platform using kernel 2.2.13-12
(TurboLinux r 6.0).

I am able to use the test functionality of jCVS in pserver mode to test the
validity of username and password combinations, and I can create new
projects and checkout project source files.

However, when I go to open a project later (or any other action), I get an
authenication failure, and trying to manually login results in the same
message with usernames and passwords that work in test mode.

CVS is being used in pserver mode with a separate passwd file.  All CVS
users are members of a cvs group; this group owns the repository, and the
group has rwx privs on the CVS depository and dirs/files.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Steve McCaughey

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