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RE: Commit control examples?

From: ljnelson
Subject: RE: Commit control examples?
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 16:28:37 -0500

>===== Original Message From "Chris Chambers" <address@hidden> =====
>I would like to be able to restrict commits to a certain branches (like, the
>"release branch").
>Is there any way to do that?

My cvssupport project at SourceForge may help you out here 
(  It lets you write perl 
objects (not scripts) that can restrict commits, tags, etc. however you like 
(subject to the strange hodgepodge of information available that gets passed 
via the standard commitinfo mechanism).  There's also an ACL mechanism in 
there so you don't have to write any scripts and you can prevent checkins 
using it based on tag name, revision number, etc. all using perl regexps.

I haven't released a SourceForge file module yet, but the code is available 
from the cvs repository.


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