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Re: querying non-rtags?

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: querying non-rtags?
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 13:53:43 -0500

Alexander Kamilewicz wrote:

> 2.  After the code freeze and before the build (which is me doing cvs
> rtag and then updating our test box with said tag), the "gatekeeper"
> will look at all "tags" and decide what "features" and/or "fixes" will
> go into the build.
> 3.  I'll do the build via a function of re-tagging the "features" or
> "fixes" as that build version:
> $cvs rtag -r patchtag buildtag  (this is both simpler than rtagging
> every file that we want in the build, but also has the benefit of
> excluding files that have been changed in the module but that we don't
> want in the build)

Have you tested this procedure?  Offhand it sounds like your ignoring a bunch of
merging.  You might try reading some of the books available on SCM or searching
the mail archive for general process descriptions.


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I will not say "Springfield" just to get applause.
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