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Re: It is in the way

From: Francesc Guasch
Subject: Re: It is in the way
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 10:01:47 +0100

Mike Castle wrote:

Thank you for anwering Mike.

> On Wed, Mar 14, 2001 at 07:01:22PM +0100, Francesc Guasch wrote:
> > I'm looking for information about the error message
> >
> > "It is in the way"
> >
> This shouldn't happen.  It's caused by a mismatch between the CVS/Entries
> file and the actual contents of the directory.

Well, the directory has more files than the ones listed
in Entries, but I read that's fine.

> Are you using a file system that is not case senstive and tools that may
> change the case of files?  If you see this, does the CVS/Entries file still

nope, only linux and solaris users.

> have the file listed?  Is your disk full where maybe the rewriting of the
> CVS/Entries file fails?

The drive isn't full.

I've seen the date of the file is later than the date in Entries, but
the file hasn't changed, because I diffed it. Could this be the cause ?
I also do checkouts as root. Is that a bad practice ?

 - frankie -

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