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*some* files get checked out readonly

From: John Klassa
Subject: *some* files get checked out readonly
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 08:46:43 -0500

I've looked through the FAQ, but don't see an answer to this question.

I've got a whole subdirectory (for example) in which some of the files
*always* get checked out and updated read-only, while others don't.  I
don't have any special CVS variables (like CVS_READ, or whatever it is)
set.  In the repository, all of the permissions on the files are the
same (444).  There does not appear to be anywhere that permissions bits
are being cached, yet some of the files are always 664 upon checkout
(and after a checkin), and others (the same others) are 444.

I'm using a pserver setup.

Any ideas?  This is driving me nuts. :-)


John Klassa / address@hidden

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