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RE: cvs setup for linux server,NT client

From: Brian Sequeira
Subject: RE: cvs setup for linux server,NT client
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 10:00:31 -0800

Hello Venu, how r things in Bangalore? To answer your question,
You can use either WinCVS or CYGWIN tools on you NT box. Here is how we have it implemented at our workplace:

Our CVS products are setup to run using SSH or "Secure SHell," over TCP/IP.  To use the Cygwin version of basically boils down to this:

1) Download and install the Cygwin package ( ).
2) As consistent with what we do around here, grab the whole directory tree "bin" under C:\cygnus\cygwin-b20\H-i586-cygwin32\bin (where c:\cygnus is the directory where you told Cygwin to install itself), and move it to C:\usr\local\bin.
3) Get an SSH client. discusses setup of the SSH client mentioning that one can be found at                                                                   4) Cut and paste the following into a bat file (mine is called cvs_cmd.bat):

set CYGWIN=tty

REM set PATH=c:\cygnus\cygwin-b20\H-i586-cygwin32\bin;c:\usr\local\bin;%PATH%
set PATH=c:\usr\local\bin;%PATH%
set CVS_RSH=c:/usr/local/bin/ssh1.exe
set MAKE_MODE=unix
start cmd
set CVS_RSH=

5) Running this bat should pop up a command window with all of the necessary environment variables set for using CVS.  For a more in depth discussion of CVS and it's commands and operations, click the "CVS Manual" link below. 

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Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2001 6:06 AM
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Subject: cvs setup for linux server,NT client

Hi folks,
            I am very new to CVS,now we are implementing the CVS in LINUX server and NT for client system,i have querys to implmenting CVS.can anybody help me to do this
        How to set up linux (server) and windows NT (client),can i  access by using Wincvs in NT to Linux server repositorys,is there any protocols should i use how to put this type of set up,is there any body done like this,could you pls tell me how to proceed.
Thanks in advance,
B.Venu gopal
SCM,Release Engineer
#51,Stock Exchange Towers
5th Floor,1st Cross,J.C Road
Ph:91 80 2995692

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