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Re: reserved lock and other patches

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: reserved lock and other patches
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 14:13:12 -0500

Noel L Yap wrote:

> address@hidden on 2001.03.15 08:44:37
> >Are these patched backwards/forwards compatible?  i.e. what happens when the
> >client and server are out of synch on any of these patches?
> >
> >ME = multiple_edits, R = reservations, MER = multiple_edits+reservations, ! =
> not
> >present (pre-patch):
> >
> >    Client        Server        Result
> >    ----------    ----------    ----------
> >    ME            !ME           ???
> >    !ME           ME            ???
> >    R             !R            ???
> >    !R            R             ???
> >    MER           !MER          ???
> >    !MER          MER           ???
> I remember testing for these situations when I originally made the patch.
> Nothing horrendous (ie crash or hang) happens, but I don't really remember
> exactly what happens (eg warning message, no message, ...).

I think I'd want the commands to work.  In other words, if the outputs of 'cvs
editors' and maybe other commands are incompatible/unparsable on one end or
another, the client/server command negotiation should allow for the version
discrepancy.  I expect that the reservation code shouldn't be a severe problem
since either the server or client should reject the '-c' option and operation 

> Anyway, the new patches will have to be retested and I can say right now that 
> I
> won't have the bandwidth to do so (and I haven't figured out exactly how to 
> add
> to the regression test suite).  So, ANY VOLUNTEERS?

There's not room in the regression suite to test different client/server 
outside, perhaps, of launching the executable as a server and fiddling with 
(see the pserver test), but the basic multiple_edits and reservations behavior
should be checked for.

I'd also want to see documentation updates (to cvs.texinfo) before I'd check 


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