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Adding a directory in the repository

From: irina sturm
Subject: Adding a directory in the repository
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:00:55 +0100

Hi everybody,

I would like your advice on the following:
I have created a repository which is in
use now (people are doing co/ci on it).
At some moment I realized that I should
have included a directory (with some files
in it) in the repository.
How is now the best way to do it:
1. To add it directly to the repository?

2. To add it through the cvs adding 
directories/files mechanism from my working
directory (sandbox)?

Could someone tell me the difference between
the 2 of them?


Functional Verification Center of Competence - CMG 
STMicroelectronics, 9 chem de la Dhuy, 38240 MEYLAN, FRANCE
Phone: (+33) (0)4 76 58 68 90, Fax: (+33) (0)4 76 58 40 11
E-MAIL: address@hidden

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