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user isues!

From: mkatz
Subject: user isues!
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:14:50 -0500

hello...Im trying to set up a  repository to develop paradox applications
in...I know..gawd pdox...well  I did not chose the platform...Im only trying
to ensure that my developers have agood enviorment to work in.....  so that
is were cvs comes in...

I have cvs running ..  however I can only get my cvs usr (pdoxdev) to make
changes, and import, and create modules.... this is the user that I init the
repository with!

 I have created a dev group..and put my users in it..and  my cvs tree
belongs to my pdoxdev user and the dev group...  I created a passwd file and
put it in my CVSROOT like so

mkatz can login..but he cant do anything..when I try and import a module I
get the folowing

: no such user
cvs import: authorization failed: server rejected access to
/usr/local/cvsroot for user mkatz

if I just log in using the pdoxdev user and pass...every thing works...
this would be fine..but I would like to have my logs show the Autor as the
user..and not my pdoxdev user

any ideas would be great!


Michael Katz
IT-MIS NT4/Win2k/Linux

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