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Re: CVS help

From: Paddy T
Subject: Re: CVS help
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 12:01:06 -0800 (PST)


Thank you for the reply.
I will upgrade the server to 1.11;I am waiting for the
backup to be taken before I remove the older version
and install the new one.
But I still don't understand why suddenly after the
groups have been changed,cvs is giving the error.
Specifically the following occurs.
C:\cvs>cvs -d /cvsadmin/mbtvrep co Mbtv/src/sdm
cvs [checkout aborted]: /cvsadmin/mbtvrep/CVSROOT: No
such file or directory
C:\cvs>cvs co Mbtv/src
Permission denied

These 2 different error messages have me baffled since
they show totally unrelated errors.
Can you let me know if in configuring the cvs client
for NT for a unix server, the unix groups which can
access cvs repository are specified anywhere?

Thanks for the help,
Paddy Thomas

--- Larry Jones <address@hidden> wrote:
> Paddy T writes:
> > 
> > My server version is 1.10.7.
> Please upgrade (see -- the current
> version has lots of
> bug fixes and much better error messages if you
> continue to have
> problems.
> > There is an Emptydir/drivers/block with 
> > ll_rw_blk.c,v  file in it.Should this file have
> r/w
> > access for users in the group for them to be able
> to
> > checkout?Now it has only read access for
> user,owner
> > and group.Pls clarify.
> As per its name, there shouldn't be any files or
> directories in Emptydir
> -- it should be an empty directory.  You should find
> out who added that
> directory and where they really expected it to be in
> the repository and
> move it there.  (Once you do, anyone who has it
> checked out will have to
> correct the CVS/Repository file in their working
> directory to match the
> new location.)  CVS 1.11 won't permit creating files
> or directories in
> Emptydir.
> Read-only access on the file is correct, only the
> directories need to be
> writable to allow checkout and checkin.  What are
> the permissions on the
> Emptydir directory itself?  I suspect that users
> need rwx.
> -Larry Jones
> Girls are like slugs -- they probably serve some
> purpose, but
> it's hard to imagine what. -- Calvin

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