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Re: cvs not accepting spaces in -m message?

From: Develop01
Subject: Re: cvs not accepting spaces in -m message?
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 15:25:44 +0900

i'm using cvs version 1.9 for windows 2000 professional and cygwin to simulate a shell environment.


On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 11:00 +0900, Develop01 wrote:
> when i ran the following:
> cvs import -m "initial import" myproj myname start
> the import went ok, but when i checked the repository, the
> folder "import" was created instead of "myproj".  however, when
> i remove the space between 'initial' and 'import', the folder
> "myproj" is properly created in the repository.
> what do i need to do to allow spaces in the -m message?

A real shell, best in combination with a normal system below as a

You don't mention the version of CVS you use.  Neither do you
state the platform you run on.  As long as you don't describe the
environment, how should anyone be able to help you?

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