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Loginfo uses

From: Kelly Sauke
Subject: Loginfo uses
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 10:56:49 -0600

Is it possible to set some sort of script to run in loginfo that would, on
checkin, edit the version number inside the file.  In otherwords, in our
files..there would be a line saying something like 
//Version 1.2.1 
We could then write a sed script to change it..however, the problem that I
forsee is loginfo would never get the text of the file or anything, just a
diff at the most.  Maybe I'll looking into the wrong area but I would think
that loginfo is where this would have to be placed.  Has anyone else got
this to work?  If I'm totally off base, I'm sure someone will point out my
mistake :).  Thanks.


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