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How did this file get into the Attic?

From: R Bresner
Subject: How did this file get into the Attic?
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 20:55:35 -0600

I found this note by Mike Castle written 7-26-2000:

        CVS is doing two things when you delete a file:  
        Moves it to the attic, and creates a new version
        with the state of "dead."

True, true, I knew that. Now, did CVS _always_ do that?
I've found some files in the Attic dirs without the "Dead"
state I was suspecting. These files are from way back in 95,
when my company first started using CVS. I don't know what 
version of cvs was in use at the time. The "oldtimers" from
the '95 era say things like 'wha? wha? Sonny?'

Now, I'm using 1.10.8. (1.11 soon, soon).
Solaris server, rsh'ing from NT clients.

I've checked all the branches that existed at that time,
and none of them list the file as "dead" either. I grepped 
the ,v file, and found a comment "# ... deadlock...".

The ,v files indicates the file has never been branched, I
just noticed.

So. How did it get in the attic in the first place?
I assume 
        1. Older cvs's didn't mark it as 'dead', just Attic'd it?
        2. Some crazed fool moved it in the repository manually.
        3. Something else I don't know.

Any suggestions?

The reason I ask, is that with the recent testing of 1.11 ( and
some folks with 1.10.8 also report) that these "undead" files are
popping up in some branches, during normal cvs co's and updates.

...Because, as we all know, homeless guys in the 
movies are always really smart, as opposed to, you 
know, verbally abusive and inappropriately stained.
        -- Joal Ryan

Robert Bresner
Open Link Energy

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