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Re: Reimporting vendor projects where items have been deleted

From: Laine Stump
Subject: Re: Reimporting vendor projects where items have been deleted
Date: 21 Mar 2001 08:45:35 -0500
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address@hidden (Larry Jones) writes:

> Laine Stump writes:
> > 
> > I'm glad this message came by again - I just did an import and saw the
> > that the behavior described by Larry below did not occur. Nothing is
> > marked for deletion by CVS either during the import or during
> > execution of the suggested "merging checkout" afterwards.
> The suggested merge command assumes that you won't import more than one
> release per day -- if you do, you need to use the explicit release tags
> for the merge rather than the "vendor" and "vendor:yesterday" that CVS
> suggests.  (CVS can't suggest that itself since it has no way to know
> what release tag you used the last time.)

This was the first import in about 6 months. All the differences in
files, and new files, were merged correctly. However, your message had
indicated that file deletions would also be marked when I did the
merge; this was not the case.

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