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RE: Merge algorithm

From: Jacob Burckhardt
Subject: RE: Merge algorithm
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 11:04:45 -0800

Pyatt, Scott writes:
> I assumed that "cvs update -j..." was using diff3 as well.  However, the
> behavior that I expect to see is not always consistent or at least not
> always intuitive.  Although these odd scenarios are rare, they still
> happen.

Yesterday, Derek R. Price said he checked into CVS, a patch to fix
some merge bugs.  The author of the patch, Karl Tomlinson, thought
that there are still some cases which his patch does not handle,
so it might be helpful for you to try to test your own cases on Karl's
patch.  Or, I will be glad to help you do that testing if you send me
your test cases.

Karl's patch is here:

If you would like to see some new test cases I wrote, see:

>  In order to better understand how CVS' merge works, I created a
> myriad of test cases.

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