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Re: commit to branch

From: Stephen Rasku
Subject: Re: commit to branch
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 12:42:11 -0800 (PST)

You can also use the "-p" option.  To give the same version to a 
branch to what is on the trunk:

        cvs update -r branch
        cvs update -A -p file > file
        cvs ci
You have to repeat the middle step for each file you need to check in. 
 Unfortunately, if you have a lot of files changed, this can become 
quite cumbersome.

Derek Price wrote:

>Martin Entlicher wrote:
>> Yes, thanks for the replies. I know, that I can do a merge on the 
>> with the HEAD. But I thought, that "cvs ci -r .." makes it simpler. 
>> want to have two exactly the same revisions on the main trunk and 
on the
>> branch. We have branched stable version of our software and when 
>> bug fixes that applies to the main trunk as well as to the branch, 
>> have to merge it in the second working where the branch is checked 
>> and resolve conflicts.
>> Is it possible to add a support to force commit to a different 
>> without having to do merging and resolving conflicts ? Otherwise -r
>> option to commit has not much sense IMO if it doesn't work in this 
>> It would speed up my work.
>It doesn't work in order to prevent you from shooting yourself in the 
>e.g.  If someone had checked in data on the branch and you didn't 
realize it
>then this would overwrite those changes.  If you really want this 
>you might try '-f', but I don't think that works in this case either. 
 If this
>was going to be hacked in, I think it would need another version of 
>'force' option (but not '-f') for this particular case.

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