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Re: using NFS from homogeneous (almost) systems

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: using NFS from homogeneous (almost) systems
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 15:20:10 -0500

Frederic Brehm wrote:
> I know that one should use client/server CVS when the repository and
> sandbox are on heterogeneous systems. (SGI and Sun, for example).
> What are the pros and cons of using NFS to access the CVS repository
> between systems that are similar? What if the OS version isn't
> exactly the same?
I'll let others answer this one.

> We have been using CVS like this for a while. I would like to
> know if it is worth setting up a cvs server on our file server. The
> sysadmin has to do this and be comfortable with it because he is the
> only one who can login to the file servers.
> Thanks,
> Fred

An easier method, to implement and thus more worth setting up, might be rsh to
one central box that has access to the repo dir. If you already use rsh/ssh
between machines in the office it is fairly easy to just change everybody's
$CVSROOT to point to ":ext:open_machine_name:/path_to/repo" also you may need
to set $CVS_SERVER if for some reason the server's cvs binary is not found on
the path provided to the shell.

That is the method we use here with a mix linux, sun, and HP-UX hosts and
clients, so far without repo locking problems.

This will have all of the file locking happening on just one machine, and thus
no NFS race/heterogeneous problems.  Another nice thing is, if the repo is the
only thing on the NFS drive people were accessing you could restrict access to
only the open machine and thus be able to keep a slightly better eye on when
someone interacts directly with the ,v files.

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