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update -p on removed files.

From: Milos Kleint
Subject: update -p on removed files.
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 16:33:09 +0100


I'm writing the javacvs module in netbeans IDE. I encountered the
following problem.
When performing a visual diff for 2 old revisions of a file. 
eg. diff -r 1.1 -r 1.2 (checked out in version 1.5)

to obtain the right revision I perform cvs update -p -r 1.1 to get one
of the revisions being compared.

This works just fine, except the case when the file was locally removed.
Then the server returns this line:
E cvs server: conflict: removed
javacvs/libsrc/org/netbeans/lib/cvsclient/ was modified by
second party

I can't understand that, because the update -r 1.1  <file> command
(without the -p switch) works.

The only way to get the older revision is the checkout command with the
same switches.. however that has one major disadvantage.. you need to
know the whole repository path to the file, which is a non-trivial task
to perform.

Is this intended behaviour or a bug?

Thank you very much..

Milos Kleint

PS: (using the NT cvs server)

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