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Re: Rename atomicity

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Rename atomicity
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 15:21:50 -0500

Assar Westerlund wrote:

> "Derek R. Price" <address@hidden> writes:
> > I was examing the possibility of moving the RCS lock/temp files into
> > a separate directory so that CVS write permissions could be set on a
> > file by file (as opposed to directory by directory) basis, but it
> > turns out that without write permissions to the directory the rename
> > over an existing file won't happen under Linux anyhow.  Assuming
> > that is true of many other UNIX systems as well, my premise was
> > faulty.
> ok, on a somewhat related note, it would be nice to have a separate
> lockdir to be able to have a cvsroot that's r/o or not writable by the
> particular user.

This is already the case.  Look up the "config" admin file or its
"LockDir" option in the manual.

> And is access to a repository without creating any locks (that I sent
> a mail with a patch to info-cvs about earlier) still a very political
> subject? :-)

I don't know.  I've never seen much use for it since LockDir _can_ be
used in conjunction with UNIX FS permissions to create a repository which
is read-only except for particular UNIX groups and users.  More fine
grained permissions could be obtained with the ACLs some file systems are
capable of...

I believe the BSD people have a patch that makes the server not create
locks, but I'd say that if it doesn't work already, maybe something like
'-n' passed in as a server option ('cvs -n pserver ...' in inetd.conf)
should exhibit this behavior rather than any special casing.  Of course
I may not have given this enough consideration.

By the way, patches usually do better submitted to address@hidden,
unless you were still looking for community and not developer feedback.
If the developers want to use it they'll usually make you resubmit to
bug-cvs anyhow and this _is_ the official policy (see the HACKING file in
the CVS distribution).  Also, be aware that a submission to bug-cvs
implicitly releases your code under the GPL.


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