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can't login via pserver and therefore can't save ~/.cvspass file

From: Joe Kaiping
Subject: can't login via pserver and therefore can't save ~/.cvspass file
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 17:52:47 -0700


We're running CVS 1.10.6 as our CVS server and I'm running CVS 1.10.8 on
RedHat 7.0 as a client and have the following environment vars set in my
client shell:


When I try to create a ~/.cvspass on the client with the following command
it hangs after I type in my CVS password.

Unix prompt->cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/usr1/cvs login
(Logging in to address@hidden)
CVS password:

Besides being able to login via pserver, CVS seems to function properly for
me.  I'm able to import, checkout, etc. fine with the above environment
settings.  HOWEVER, there is an error message that appears when I do them:

Unix prompt->cvs checkout mymodulename
address@hidden's password:
stty: standard input: Invalid argument  <-- ERROR MESSAGE
cvs server: Updating mymodulename

I've also installed the latest version of WinCvs and have set the
Authentication as "passwd file on the cvs server" and everything seems to
work fine with it.

Anyone have any ideas why things might be behaving this way?

The reason I want to be able to save a ~/.cvspass file is because I want to
call cvs commands from with scripts and that seemed to be the best way to do
it.  If there is a better or more common way to be able to execute cvs
commands from within scripts could someone pass that info along, please?

Many thanks,

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