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SOS -cvsclient

From: razi_aa
Subject: SOS -cvsclient
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 10:41:41 -0000
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Hi People,

I am a new recruit starting out on the cvs system. I had just 
subscribed to the mailing list and seen these instructions. I have 
completed the following steps on the setup of the cvs service on a 
windows 2000 machine:
1.) Downloaded the pre-compiled version of CVSNT at
2.) Unzipped it into C:\cvs
3.) Added the directory to the system path
( Do i need to create a CVSROOT system variable).

4.) Created a new directory, C:\Repo
5.) cvs init -d C:\Repo
6.) ntservice -i C:\Repo
8.) net start cvs
The service is starting, but i am unable to connect using a client, 
wincvs( I have installed wincvs). I am using a password file placed 
in C:\Repo\CVSROOT. 
And also when wincvs starts what are the preferences, CVSROOT and the 
authentication that we have to set.There are instructions galore out 
there, but not of much help. 
Can you take some time out and advise me as to how to proceed.

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