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Unlocking by another user is possible

From: irina sturm
Subject: Unlocking by another user is possible
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 15:39:01 +0200


I've noticed that if user 1 does
        "cvs admin -lrev file"
user 2 can undo this with
        "cvs admin -urev file"
This was somekind of a surprise; 
however it was my fault as I 
didn't seem to thouroughly read
the "cvs admin" from the manual.
When reading it again now, I have
the following under the -urev option
for cvs admin:

"Normally, only the locker of a 
revision may unlock it. Somebody 
else locking a revision breaks the
lock. This causes a mail message to
be sent to the original locker. The
message contains a commentary solicited
from the breaker. The commentary is
terminated by end-of-file or by a line
containing . by itself. There can be
no space between -u and its argument."

What it is not clear from above is
if this is the default implementation
(which doesn't seem to be for the 
tests I've made), or it can be obtained
through some CVS specific settings.
Does anybody have any idea how this
should work?


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