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Few CVS Questions

From: Brian Sequeira
Subject: Few CVS Questions
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 10:50:33 -0800

I have a few questions and any help would be greatly appreciated:
We have no CM tool in place for anything besides code(CVS and GNU Makefiles) . What do we use for Non-CI's like documenting bug fixes, patch releases(release notes), any reports, documentations, and for change management processing.
Also we have a scenario here that we do builds on a periodic basis for a live environment, now most of the changes does not affect the software but the content on the page(for example HTML, _javascript_ changes) do we handle such a situation in CVS without having to go through an entire build.
Also are there any tools that help us define our coding standards and support scripts that help us maintain these procedures.
Thanks in advance,

Brian Sequeira
Build & Configuration

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