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Survey on security with CVS

From: Henry Tumblin
Subject: Survey on security with CVS
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 12:53:23 -0500

We would like to ask the CVS user community the following questions to gauge
interest in providing more stringent security for CVS:

1. Which source code control packages do you currently use.
        Visual Source Safe
        other(please list)

2. What is the size of your development community?

        < 10
        < 50
        < 100
        > 100

3. Which of the following security mechanisms would satisfy your security needs with CVS:
        a. Simple auth (pserver mode)
                b. Kerberos (gserver mode)
        c. PKI (gserver mode)
        d. SSL
        e. other (please specify) ____________

3. Do you currently support remote users? ___ Now? ____ In 6 months?

        a. Do you need to strongly authenticate the remote users?
        b. Do you need to encrypt the data to/from the remote users?

4. Do you currently outsource any development or do joint development with a partner,
    so non-employees are accessing CVS?

5. Which development platforms do you need to use CVS with?
        Compaq UNIX

7. Would you be interested in discussing the use of a secure version of CVS, if so,
    please send your contact information to address@hidden

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