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Re: Uninstall CVS

From: Gerhard Sittig
Subject: Re: Uninstall CVS
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 19:30:25 +0200

On Mon, Mar 26, 2001 at 11:29 -0800, Jeeva Sarma wrote:
> I want to upgrade my cvs server to 1.11.To uninstall the old
> version,which are all the files/exes that I need to remove??Can
> someone help me with this?
> [ ... ]
> I forgot to mention that my server(version 1.10.7) is on
> Unix.(Free BSD)

BTW:  Please call it "FreeBSD" since that's its name.  It's *not*
"Free BSD" (just like there's no "Linux 7.x" and the like).

FreeBSD has imported CVS 1.11 on 2000/10/02 in its -CURRENT and
on 2000/10/31 in its -STABLE (aka 4-STABLE) lines.  You might
want to update your src/contrib/cvs tree or your whole source of
the world.  There might be even more software you want to update.

I feel that installing a different version _over_ your distro's
files will cause harm at the system's next update.  And
installing the new version _alongside_ the base version (via
ports or by hand, in a different location like /usr/local) will
cause trouble depending on users' PATHs -- and thus very hard to

To cut it short:  Ask the system's admin for the right way! :>
Read /usr/share/doc/en_US.ISO_8859-1/books/handbook/book.txt or
its online version on how to upgrade your system, in parts or the
whole of it.

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