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Merge conflict?

From: Tristan Juricek
Subject: Merge conflict?
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 12:06:24 -0800

I'm getting a merge conflict when merging files that only have lines deleted from the branch to the main repository.

Essentially what's happening is that we have a build system here that automatically creates user branches for doing work.  One of the users made some large deletions to one of his files, then attempted to release those changes.  The files that contain the merge conflicts only show that those exact sections had been deleted.

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior.  I can't post the actual file that had problems, do to it's proprietary (and very important) status.  I've been unable to simulate the changes as well (much to my frustration).

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Tristan Juricek

For your information, the chain of commands that occured in the scripts.

Assume the files in the directory are all set to a sticky tag named RELEASE02, and the BRANCH and BRANCH_BASE are unique names (they are).

1. cvs tag -l BRANCH_BASE
2. cvs tag -b BRANCH
3. cvs update -r -ko BRANCH
4. cvs commit -m "some messge"
5. cvs update -l -ko -j RELEASE02

At this point, no merge conflicts are reported, so the scripts continue:

6. cvs update -A
7. cvs update -l -ko -j BRANCH

Now, conflicts are reported.  The conflict files report only the sections that have been deleted.

8. cvs tag RELEASE03
9. cvs tag -d BRANCH
10. cvs tag -d BRANCH_BASE
11. cvs update -r RELEASE03

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