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Accidentally merged out code.

From: Andy Bradford
Subject: Accidentally merged out code.
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 14:16:22 -0700

I'm not sure how to describe this situation, but I'll try.  Two people
had copies of the repository (I believe the same).  The first person
made changes and committed them.  The second person also made changes
and committed them.  Then, a third person that supposedly had the same
tree, checked in code and it caused the changes made by person one be
``merged out''.  I'm not entirely certain how this could happen since
each did a ``cvs up'' before committing.  Person three didn't remove any
code from the files, however, I guess if the code wasn't in there to
begin with then it could have removed it.  Would this happen if they
were working on different versions of the same file?



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