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(no subject)

From: Margaret Mary
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 16:46:54 +0530

i have some problem establishing Cuncurrent Version System ( CVS ) in my Lab.
I'm using windows2000 m/c as client and windows2000 NT server as my CVS server.
i have installed ntservice.exe in the server and cvs.exe in my client. i'm working under domain 'DOMAIN'.
the cvsroot is in server c:\cvsrepos;
on the client side i have set root as
" set CVSROOT=:pserver:address@hidden:c:\cvsrepos "
Margaret is the username
Server is the name of the server and
cvsrepos is the repository directory.
after setting the cvsroot i log on to the server using
" cvs login"
but when i give " cvs checkout module" ( module is a directory inside cvs repository ) command it creates a directory in my local directory with the same name and a CVS directory inside that .
my problem is none of the files inside the module(on the server) directory is getting downloaded to my local directory.
what may be the problem ?
kindly reply ASAP,
Dexcel Electronics Designs (P) Ltd
Unit 505-507,Carlton Towers,
1, Airport Road, Bangalore- 560 008
Email Id : address@hidden
Tel : 91-80-5216221/5216222
Fax : 91-80-5214860

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