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Permanently removing directory tree from CVS repository

From: Ezequiel Valenzuela
Subject: Permanently removing directory tree from CVS repository
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 01:23:17 -0300


Recently I have added a directory tree to my CVS repository which I don't want 
to be there anymore (more specifically, it's been added erronously).

I have executed:

$ cvs remove -Rf <module>

and then:

$ cvs commit

from the right working directory.

I don't remember quite exactly what other commands I ran, but the repository is 
ok (from the integrity point of view). I have not touched the repository files 

The thing is, I have now (in my repository) that directory tree 'removed' from 
the repository, but only at the file level. The directories remain there! There 
is only the 'Attic' directory at the very end of the tree, holding the deleted 
files (in the format 'filename,v').

How can I do to make a 'politically correct' removal of the whole thing? I have 
no interest on keeping my 'Attic' for that directory at all, and I want to do 
this through cvs commands if possible.

   Ezequiel Valenzuela
   [ address@hidden ]

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